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A Fine Time for Murder

No one aboard this train has an alibi, but everyone has a motive.

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Beta Tester Survey Part 1

Beta Tester Survey Part 2

About This Game:


AFTM follows Audrey Van Sloan as she travels aboard a train. Audrey begins her story on the platform of the train station. She will have options right from the start to either build or burn relationships with other characters. Aboard the train, she can journey anywhere throughout the train and investigate and gain information about other passengers on board.


At the end of Chapter One, Audrey finds herself going to meet with Detective Jacob Marconi, only to find him dead in his room. The other passengers are all acting suspicious, including Marconi's partner, Detective Collins. No one aboard the train seems to have an alibi, and everyone has a motive, including Audrey.


Someone will stand trial when the train reaches its destination. It's up to Audrey to determine who it will be. As she looks into each passenger's motive for killing Detective Marconi, slivers of character past will be shown that might not be revealed through different choices.


With evidence pointing to her being the one that committed the murder, Audrey now has another chapter full of decisions to make. Audrey still has the full range of the train to explore, including the crime scene, if she plays her cards right. She can work as a junior detective alongside Detective Collins, work alone to solve or sabotage the murder investigation, pair up with other passengers on board to bring the truth to light, or bury it forever.


Will she destroy evidence that incriminates herself? Should she plant evidence to point the finger at someone else? How far will Audrey go to ensure she gets off the train a free woman when she reaches the end of the line?


  • Interactive gameplay

  • Branching narrative

  • Form alliances or burn bridges among other suspects... ummm, passengers

  • Find, destroy, and/or plant evidence to clear your name, or frame others

  • Multiple endings based on choices you make along the way

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