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to mourn a cousin

they say when we die, our lives flash before our eyes i didn't hear the news until a month later and your life hasn't stopped flashing...


interactions between strangers sisters.2 * * * your sister messages you on facebook he's in the hospital a stroke, they think you should...

the weight of grief

i don't feel like i have the same right to cry like maybe they can see that my tears are slightly more heavy than theirs maybe it's like...

i can’t sleep

i miss you

just when I'm doing good

i cross the georgia line and remember when we were young and in love the sign says they're glad georgia is on my mind but isn't it always

life goes on

just like a pop-up rainstorm sudden chilling drenching you feel it in your bones your clothes drenched through your pores soaking it in...

magic found in moonlight

i lie under the stars, grass damp against my back, and know that she, at least, lies beneath the same stars sometimes I feel like the...


no i don't have a song that i want to play whatever you think the pallbearers should wear sounds good to me i don't know the age...

half family

can you be half of a family? if one member is gone? does it have to be two or more, to declare the disability? it’s not a whole family....


interactions between strangers sisters your sister messages you on facebook because neither of you have each other's numbers you know...


if we could see our battery would a red 2% make us pause and take the time to recharge or would we see what we could do in the time left

sitting quietly outside

i see the baby bird leap from the pine soon it will become the mom watching its baby leap knowing the flight


are we all just puppies on leashes sometimes we hold the leash in our mouths and believe we control the journey


why does sitting in a swing the sides digging into my hips make me feel like maybe everything on my shoulders isn't so heavy

favorite things

dew drops on pine needles red blooms on tree veins twigs snapping underfoot nonchalant screams breaking free from bird beaks held closed...

you understand right?

im choking on invisible words that would rather slither through my veins dragging out past bits of pain past bits of stollen pleasure...

ringing in my ear

i was born with an abnormally small skull a Chiari malformation usually undetected until later in life when something else calls for an...



i like the idea of you reaching for my words while drunk then again i've always liked the idea of you reaching for me while drunk


You're the longest addiction I've ever had I'm not sure if I should count the time 'clean' Or the time of succumbing As a win

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