7,078 Words

Story Bible

Research Document | Business

This "Story Bible" is a reference document and style guide that establishes the standards for the writing, design, and production for the Novel known as Masters. It details and outlines the characters, culture, history, landscape, and other aspects of the story's "world" and would be used by the writers and production crew to maintain continuity and consistency over the course of the project.

100 Words

B2B Email

Copywriting | Business

A sample short-copy B2B promotional email written for WarmCo (hypothetical company) to entice restaurant owners, convenience store owners, and concession operators attending the National Restaurant Association Show to visit their booth and check out their newest product, a new food warming unit that will be on display.

Morning Newspaper
256 Words (Copy)

Print Ad

Copywriting | Business

Fictionalize a print ad and a commercial A/V script for a made up company, product, and client. The overall "Copy" to appear in the print ad needs to be between 200-300 words.

Creating a Movie
761 Words

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Review

Film Review | Business

A professional film review adhering to a 600-1000-word limit, written in an objective third-person voice.

Man on Scooter
30 Seconds

A/V Script

Commercial Writing | Business

Fictionalize a commercial A/V script and a print ad for a made up company, product, and client. A professional-quality 30-second commercial script using a standard A/V script.

Pile of Newspapers
448 Words

eBook Press Release

Copywriting | Business

A press release written to solicit reviews for a future release e-book titled The Train Is Never Late and Other Stories of Irrationality.