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The Harper Blair Files

Webisode Script | Suspense/Dark Comedy

Harper Blair struggles to control her violent tendencies and must visit her weekly psychiatrist until she has them under control. When her neighbor Miles charges into her life headfirst, she finds that fighting her second nature is harder than she realized.

Red Wine
947 Words

In Wine & Blood

Flash Fiction | Crime/Drama

When Georgia's pushy boss goes too far, she loads her car and begins working from home. As two cops knock on her door with news that her boss is missing, her timeline is moved up, and her wellbeing is pulled into question.

Woman Drinking Coffee
5 Pages

What Do You Need

Short Script | Drama

A pushy Bible salesman trying to meet his quota finds himself at the door of a dismissive housewife. With only one more sale to go, or lose his job, he’s not above begging.

Table Setting by Window
7 Pages

The Harper Blair Files
Webisode Two

Webisode Script | Suspense/Dark Comedy

Unsure of Miles' intentions, Harper has no choice but to follow his lead and welcome their new neighbor. At least until she has a better grasp on what he knows. 

Castle Wall
3,037 Words


Flash Fiction | Historical Fantasy

| Written along-side |

William Dilbert


"Stray" follows the desperate journey of Argol, a lonely soul that seeks to only find others to connect with. At every turn, doors are slammed in Argol's face and people run screaming away from him.


Had no one any love for an orphan? 

Boy reading under the covers.jpg
250 Words

The Art of Midnight Fort Construction

Flash Fiction | Drama

"The Art of Midnight Fort Construction" gives a brief and intimate look into the life of a family in the midst of heartache and change. 

"Emotional and honest enough to break down gender stereotypes. Everything is unsaid yet understood from a look or a gesture. Every member of this family is hurting, and it comes across in the most painful of ways."

— Midnight NYC

Micro-Fiction Competition Judge Feedback

Railway Tracks closeup
984 Words

The Train Is Never Late

Flash Fiction | Drama

As young Annalise runs away from home to avoid an impending arranged marriage to a stranger, she finds herself at the train tracks about to make the first and largest decision of her life.

714 Words


Flash Fiction | Crime/Drama

Going undercover inside a rising new gang based at his campus, securing evidence to take them down, while also keeping his girlfriend separate from the investigation is a level of juggling Devin is unused to. With tensions rising and alliances being tested, he soon learns that he isn't entirely trusted by either side.

476 Words

The Cactus at the End of My Desk

Micro Fiction | Inspirational

A young adult working from home in a big city catches glimpses of life through "the yelling man," that passes by twice a day on his way to and from work. As the world around him changes, empty and silent streets leave him--and his cactus--craving human interaction.

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