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Masters | Story World
Transmedia Experience

Welcome to the Masters Transmedia Experience! Each element here will tie in with events happening in the novel by offering an inside look, adding extra context to the world, events, or characters within the story, or just as a fun experience for readers.

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Masters Story Bible

The official Story Bible for Masters. Everything you need to know about each character, background history, and every important location within the story.

Plus read a preview of the story here!

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university of Alandria Website

Home and refuge to Kaleigh and her friends, place of employment to Mark, and the setting for around half of Masters, The University of Alandria has a website!

Visit the official page for the fictional

University of Alandria here!

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Twitter | Professor
Mark Lewis

After making a deal with Destruction herself, Order has a plan for breaking the cycle of Destruction and Creation. Serving as a professor, hiring Kaleigh as his teacher's aid, and working closely with her on ASB is just the start. Once her memories start coming back, their real training will begin. He just has to do what he's always done best... stay in control. Why is it so difficult around her, though?

Follow your favorite Master of Order here!

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Instagram | Kaleigh Pele

Before she knew she was the Master of Destruction, she was just a student trying to get through her day to day life. Hanging out with her best friend and roommate, getting through classes, avoiding her ex, and serving as president for Alandria's ASB (Alternative Semester Break) outreach organization.

Follow your favorite Master of Destruction here!

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Tap Chat | Declan & Kaleigh

"Have you heard from Declan any?" asked Mark.

"He's text me a few times," Kaleigh said.
"You can't stay mad at him forever, you know?"

Kaleigh shrugged.

"Well, one of us needs to reach out to him and let him know about this new development." Mark bumped his shoulder against Kaleigh's.

Kaleigh sighed. "I'll call a meeting then."


What did Declan's text say? And how did the conversation go when Kaleigh invited him to the cabin?

Find out here!

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Character Concept art | Commissions

A gallery of concept art I've commissioned from some pretty awesome artists! Check out the gallery and send me your own concept art of your favorite Master, or the character you love to hate.

View the gallery here!

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