• ashleyandrews

if green were a song

If green were a song...

The trees would have their own rising and falling notes.

The vibrant alto, mezzo-soprano, and soprano.

The deep bass, baritone, and tenor.

The timid chirps of crickets a delightful metronome.

Birdsong peppered in with a hint of centuries yet to come.

If green were a painting...

No expense would be spared to capture the innocent and pure beauty.

Like a toddler experimenting with finger paint with the color pallet of a seasoned artist.

White, billowing, nearly tangible, clouds thrown in like seasoning.

A hint of fulfillment yet to come.

If green were a garment...

The pinecones would be worn in the latest seasonal fashion

The earth damp enough to soak into the thin layers from the rain passed.

The heat wrapping as comfortably as a blanket.

A hint of adventures yet to come.

If green were a candle...

It would be a drop of calming serenity.

The smell a soft damp bark.

With a hint of the rain yet to come.

If green were an appetizer…

The meadow would come alive with delicious promises.

The meadow would taste of apple pie,

Of warm soup on a cold day.

The taste of freedom no longer a hint.


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