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I know the (Ed Sheeran) bad habits keep you (Coldplay) always in my head. But what can I say? It's not easy when you're (Airborne Toxic Event) half of something else. Others can say they know, and maybe they do, or they think they do. They want to. They try to. But they could never truly know what it feels like when you have this (Taylor Swift) invisible string constantly tugging from that place deep inside. Hoping that somewhere, out there in this great big world, you might one day find (The Script) the man who can't be moved.


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at some point might there be a bit of inevitability to our actions if it's as clear as breathing our vices should there be such a question of motivation if there is but one thing that keeps us moving

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Perhaps the “starving Artist“ could be starving not For food but for more


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