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the weight of grief

Do they count your tears

Weigh your sadness against theirs

Do they analyze your words

Check for double meanings

Do they weigh each tear you release

Check the composition of anger vs grief

Do they expect you to completely break

Irrevocably and utterly

Do they expect you to stay still

Understanding yet farther up the hill

Do they weigh the emotions

Ensure you don’t make a commotion

Do they weigh the clothes

That stand out from the theme

Do they wonder if you dressed up

Because you have low self esteem

When the service is over

Do they rush you from your seat

Not wanting you to hover

Just hurry, move on

Do they watch you while you’re alone

Scan your face for emotions

To make sure you’re not stealing

Emotions that are rightly theirs

Do they make sure you’re not unfeeling

Because you should feel something

Do they weigh the pictures

The gap between birth and graduation

Do they weigh the tears

Check the composition of anger vs grief

Do they wonder if your tears

Are born from guilt or relief


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