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87 Words | August 2022

things i regret not saying

WOMEN. LIFE. A publication that is all about Women's voices, strengths and choices.

Poem | Free Verse

Beyond Words Literary Magazine


3,022 Words | Coming October 2022

The Train Is Never Late and Other Stories of Irrationality

A collection of modern short stories that examines the struggles of life, love, and the need for defiance. Each story tells the story of a character's impulsive, dramatic, and often irrational response to challenges.

The production of this e-book involved several steps and processes. Polishing the e-book content, building, formatting, and programming the manuscript following industry standards to create e-book files that would be compatible with multiple devices. Finally, uploading the e-book for publication and distribution, and creating marketing material for it.

Publishing and Distribution



20,837 Words | December 2021

A Fine Time for Murder

  No one aboard this train has an alibi,          but everyone has a motive.

Game | Interactive Fiction

Image by Alex Iby

97 Words | July 2020

Anger Is a Starving Beast

  "Anger is a starving beast. Her place           will always be above you."


Sometimes darkness latches on, intent         on thriving. Will you feed it?

Poem | Allegory

The Drabble


68 Words | October 2021


A collection of poems by various poets.

Poem | Free Verse

Poets' Choice

Autumn Road

More coming soon!

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Poems, flash, etc. | Various

Ashley's Irrational Shorts

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